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Ruby is an Edmonton based Potter who is passionate about carbon-trapped Shino glazes,  pushing the boundaries of firing in a gas kiln.  Shino is one of the oldest glazes and demands diligence  and  patience to perfect.  Colors will vary from thick, milky white, orange, rust, peach, red, gold, and charcoal grey spotting with variations of black carbon trapping.  As the gas kiln is looking for oxygen, it will draw it out of the pot trapping soda ash and leaving black markings coined “carbon trapping”. These random one of a kind markings are mesmerizing and captivating.  Making primarily functional pieces, Ruby also enjoys making  sculptural vessels  that act as a  canvas to reveal the dance that takes place between the clay, the glaze,  the kiln, and the maker, revealing its intimate workings on the surface of the pot.  Ruby is influenced by the Rocky Mountains and the endless beauty and inspiration that nature has  to offer.


Her work can be found at  Old Strathcona Farmer's Market and numerous area shows, as well as many private local and international collections.


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